Subliminal EP


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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tiny Pond Studio, Hannover, 2017
Cover photography by Stefan Zwing


released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


SLAM HARDER Hanover, Germany

Hardcore from Hannover.
Joshua - Vocals
Benni - Drums
Christian - Guitar
Steffen - Guitar
Chris - Bass


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Track Name: Infamy
there is no salvation
in a racist nation
our values tend to change
when times are getting strange!
and this is where your true face shows
fucking racist!
your outcome shows it all!
we´re all so rotten inside
our morals are being tested
are your´s already infested
we´re equal on this earth?!
What are your standards worth?!
we´re all so rotten inside
and that is getting tougher to hide
we´re all so rotten on the inside
all i see is we´re building a deadly divide!
Track Name: Subliminal
with skillful methods
getting to you from behind!
through the backdoor,
backdoor of your mind!
reaping the seeds of doubt
reaping the seeds of greed
they´ll let you bleed!
and when you finally get to the fact!
they are behind with their hands around your neck!
they know what you want!
they know what you need!
before you know yourself
and the you´re in too deep!
you wish yourself a master
you wish yourself a miracle
convincing you to hate
the grapes of wrath
they´ll pick for you
so convincing
follow the signs out of the blue!
all with intention
you´re not believing me?
i probably forgot to mention..
they need to be keen
to smart to be seen
to evil to find peace
you gave them the keys!
Track Name: Demagogue
i am the fear that grips your throat
and feeds you with despair
i am the confirmation
that there´s something in the air!
i am the voice that suits your contempt
let it through, give in
you´ll believe me in the end!
you know it´s crucifixion
but we don´t learn from the past
you need a common enemy
breeding a feeling that will outlast!
Track Name: Streetwise
tv breeds jealusy
society breeds regret
we all have our place in life
how could we forget!
so bleed out baby
bleed out for fuck´s sake
i´m pushed to the limit
how much can i take?!
i look up to him
a statue, a stone
the pressure is ignored
although flesh and bone
he doesn´t mind what you say
he doesn´t care what you think
the life that you imagine is a lie!
Track Name: Elitist
pretending wisdom baby,
you know the truth!
no sign of doubt, no maybe!
with you i´m through
ne self self reflection to show to me you´re weak
welcoming double standards it´s all i see!
i won´t let you ruin what i love!
like praying to a dead god
your damn image is all you got!
Track Name: Faithcrusher
in the end it´s them
in the end it´s you
bow down to me
the run for their souls
the run for their lifes
bow down to me
the clock´s ticking
and i will wait for you
your faith belongs to me
and i will live through you
more and more atrocities
burn from the inside
i´ll release you from your leash
breed pain, live in despar
you know noone will ever care
Track Name: Lords of the cheated
lords of the cheated
overlooked potential
reduced to the essential
deep down in resignation
so much wasted occasion!
you look at them
you lack respect
turn your head away
no need your majesty
you don´t care about
and you are left without a doubt!
talking like a mashine
wired deeply in their brains
no regret no regret no luck!
our society doesn´t give a fuck!
and we´re bathing in success
the lords of the cheated
refuse to quit breathing
left with only intuition
death is the only submission!
daily humiliation
is a steady foundation
faceless to the most
you treat them like ghosts!
every life means something to someone